Garden Project

In March 2013 we began to transform the church grounds and graveyard into a place rich with colourful plants and flowers. The plantlife will encourage bees and pollinating insects to thrive and so help the natural habiitat of birds and small animals.We installed bird and bat boxes along with 'Insect hotels'. To help us 120 children jfrom  Lee Mlunt Primary school joined us to plant flowers and plants during our Community Garden Week in May 2013, also young people from the Princes Trust worked hard in clearing the ground of weeds. Church members and folk form the local community did a great job in clearing the ground and planting new June 2013 the then Bishop of Wakefield Rt Rev Stephen Platten blessed the project during a garden party.

That year we were awarded 3 stars out of 5 for a developing garden from Yorkshire in Bloom, in 2014 we were awarded four stars for a thriving garden.

St. George's Church was awarded £2,700 (2013) from the Bishop's Development Fund and two awards amounting to over a £1000 from the Community Development Foundation.

Our News Page has some of the latest information and updates on this Project, including pictures of our progress and our plans!




WOW! What a wonderful time we had during the week of the Community Garden Project. On Tuesday 21st May about 120 children from Lee Mount Primary School joined us in planting hundreds of bulbs and plants. Jennifer Sutcliffe kept them enthralled explaining the bird and bat boxes and all the Organising Team took the children under their wings and had a great time. We were overjoyed to receive a large thank you card with special messages of thanks from the children of Class 2C. The Head Teacher Mr Bosley said how superbly organised the event was and how both the teachers and children were genuinely happy to have taken part and returned to school excited.


It was also great to welcome people who live locally who worked hard with us at transforming the garden. My thanks go out to them and all who took part in such a special project.

It was so good to have the thirteen young people from the Prince's Trust Team 3 help us to clear the nasty and heavily matted couch grass that covered a number of graves. They worked really hard at clearing it so that the graves could be seen and ground around the graves could be levelled a re-seeded. A very interesting memorial stone tablet was discovered dated 1833, it's interesting because the church was not built until 1875!

On Saturday 26th June we had our celebration garden party which was very special and a lovely way to bring together all that we had achieved. The sun came out, Mothers Union did us proud with a cream tea, Bishop Stephen said a big well done to us and blessed the project and Churchyard. It was also a joy to have Archdeacon Anne join us, especially as she has been so supportive from the very start of the project.


Two judges from the Royal Horticultural Society's Yorkshire in Bloom contest came on Monday 15th July to judge our Churchyard. They saw all the before, during and after photos and were very impressed and said that we had all done a great job in such a short space of time (three months April-June). We awarded 3 stars (out of 5) for a developing graden and in 2014 we were awarded four stars for a thriving garden.

The care of the Churchyard does not end here, there is still the upkeep but if we pull together to do a bit regularly then it will always look wonderful. A Gardening Team is being organised and people are adopting plots to look after.


It has been so nice to hear so many people of all ages comment on how they are enjoying see the new plants and the transformed grounds. A child recently on a sunny day asked his dad if they could leave Shroggs Park and visit our Churchyard because he wanted to see the flowers, isn't that great?